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What Are Tax Lien Certificates Like in My State?

The following list is still being developed and verified.  Please use the question/comment form, below,  if you know of any updates.

Alabama: Tax Lien; 12%

Alaska: Tax Deed

Arizona: Tax Lien; 16%

Arkansas: Tax Deed

California: Tax Deed

Colorado: Tax Lien; Variable % rate (15% in 2007); 3 year redemption

Connecticut: Tax Deed

Delaware: Tax Deed

Florida: Tax Lien; Bidding starts at 18% and bids go downwards; two year redemption

Georgia: Tax Lien; 20%; one year redemption

Hawaii: Tax Deed

Idaho: Tax Deed

Illinois: Tax Lien

Indiana: Tax Lien

Iowa: Tax Lien; 2% per month (or partial month); 21 month redemption; 3 years max. redemption 

Kansas: Tax Deed

Kentucky: Tax Lien

Louisiana: Tax Lien

Maine: Tax Deed

Maryland: Tax Lien

Massachusetts: Tax Lien

Michigan: Tax Lien

Minnesota: Tax Deed

Mississippi: Tax Lien

Missouri: Tax Lien

Montana: Tax Lien?

Nebraska: Tax Lien

Nevada: Tax Deed

New Hampshire: Tax Lien

New Jersey: Tax Lien

New Mexico: Tax Deed

New York: Tax Deed?

North Carolina: Tax Deed

North Dakota: Tax Lien

Ohio: Tax Lien

Oklahoma: Tax Lien

Oregon: Tax Deed

Pennsylvania: Tax Deed

Rhode Island: Tax Lien

South Carolina: Tax Lien

South Dakota: Tax Lien

Tennessee: Tax Deed

Texas: Tax Deed

Utah: Tax Deed

Vermont: Tax Lien

Virginia: Tax Deed

Washington: Tax Deed

West Virginia: Tax Lien

Wisconsin: Tax Deed

Wyoming: Tax Lien; 3% penalty + 15% interest; 4 year redemption; 7 year max redemption

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