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Return / Refund Policy

Mr. Tax Lien wants you to be satisfied with your purchase(s).  You have up to one year from the purchase date of any physical product (home-study course, reports, booklets) to return the product for a full refund.  Shipping and handling (to or from your location) is not refundable.

You can receive a full refund for attendance at a classroom session or hand-holding session one of two ways:  

(1) If you have attended less than half of the first day's classroom or hand-holding session, you may return all materials and leave the session for a full refund. For example, if you are attending a six-hour class, you will need to leave before three hours of class have been held.

(2) If you decide to not attend a classroom or hand-holding session before the start of the class or hand-holding session, you will receive a full refund when cancelled at least 72 hours before the start of the class or hand-holding session.  This will give us enough time to sign up others who may be wait-listed for the seat.

If you cancel with less than 72 hour notice, or do not show at the class or hand-holding session, the maximum refund is 1/2 of the purchase price if we are unable to fill your seat.  If we are able to fill your seat, all but $100 of your purchase price will be refunded.

Please feel free to contact customer service at 720-318-5445 or use the web form below.

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Customer Service: (720) 318-5445

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