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Tax Lien Investing Courses

Tax lien investing can be fun, exciting, and profitable.  It also has its risks.  Our tax lien investing courses teach you "the good, the bad, and the ugly" about investing in tax lien certificates so you will be more prepared when you buy.  This is a much different approach than the TV infomercial guru take.

In our introductory course you will learn:

  • What tax lien certificates (TLCs) are
  • 2 ways you profit from investing in tax liens
  • Which are tax liens vs. tax deeds
  • How sales differ from county to county
  • Specific examples from different states and counties
  • How to find the sales yourself without paying someone for the service
  • How to get the tax lien sale listing in advance
  • How to determine if the sale is worth attending
  • Specific county sales recommended for beginners
  • 15 types of properties to avoid buying
  • 9 "don't-buy" signals to look for in property listings
  • How to mitigate some of the risks in tax lien investing
  • How to read legal descriptions (introduction)
  • How to set your low and high buying limits
  • How to invest more money without leaving home
  • How to conduct yourself at the sale
  • When to research your properties
  • How to create a good filing system
  • Rules of thumb for tax lien investing

You learn what you need to know to find, attend, and invest at tax lien sales.  We don't sugar coat what tax lien investing is all about.  We let you know about the great profits you can make AND where you can get into trouble.


Testimonials from previous students:

"Lots of valuable information.  I now feel much more prepared to attend a TLC sale.' -- Bill B.

“Tom Green shares a wealth of experience in tax lien investing and gives a good feel for what it would be like to go to a sale.  His course is worth the time and investment for those truly interested in this type of investment vehicle.” -- Daena L.

"Feel more confident about going to a tax lien sale after attending Tom's class!  Good info, good discussion, good class!" -- Connie G.

"Was glad having Tom at the auction for support & guidance.  Learn a lot in the class both pro's & con's.  Tom gave personal experience example to help understand. - Great." -- Karla F.


You have three levels of learning to choose from:

  1. The Home-Study Course
  2. In-Person Course (Live Webinar or Live Classroom)
  3. Hand-Holding at a Real Tax Lien Sale

Each subsequent level INCLUDES everything in the previous level.  So, if you choose Hand-Holding level instruction you get the In-Person Course AND the Home-Study Course also!


Home-Study Course: You are recommend to consider the Home-Study course first.  It contains everything you need to learn about tax lien investing.  It includes everything listed in the bullets, above, for the introductory course.  It has several ways for you to learn the material:

  • A down-loadable book "Introduction to Tax Lien Certificates: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly"

    • You get this book and you will get the next updated version when it is available

  • Recordings of past classes you

  • One year of emailed questions with Mr. Tax Lien

  • One full year to return the program, if you are not satisfied

You can study at your leisure and you can use the materials again, and again.  The course is designed to help you attend your first sale and make informed decisions.  The investment for this course is US $997.  Mr. Tax Lien™ made more profit attending from his first tax lien sale than the cost of this course!  Access to the Home-Study Course will be activated within 2 business days of your purchase.  Click here to purchase with your credit card...


or Call Mr. Tax Lien™ at 720-318-5445 to purchase!


In-Person Course: Some people learn faster and better when the class is held live.  The next level of learning tax liens is to attend a live course.  You learn everything listed for the introductory course (above).  You can ask questions and interact with Mr. Tax Lien™ to get your questions answered about tax lien investing.  This class includes access to all the materials in the Home-Study Course.

Classes are held monthly.  The next set of classes will be held as a webinar in the following format:

  • 4 Once-a-week webinars with content on Monday evenings (recorded)
  • 4 Once-a-week Q&A session on Wednesdays (recorded).  Up to 2 hours until all the questions are answered.
  • Intentially small classes for lots of attention
  • Full year of follow-up questions by email or scheduled 15 minute phone calls

Mr. Tax Lien normally charges $150/hour to consult on tax liens.  This in-person class is up to 16 hours of personal access to learn tax lien investing ($2400 value).  The one year of follow-up could easily be worth $1000.  You get all the forms, checklists and phone scripts that Mr. Tax Lien uses himself ($600 value).

It would be a $4000 total if you hired Mr. Tax Lien to directly teach you one-on-one.

You can get all of this for just an investment of $1497.  These are small group classes and it includes access to all the material of the Home-Study Class ($997 value).

The next in-person webinar will be held starting Monday, July 15.  Click the button below to register!



or you can Call Mr. Tax Lien™ at 720-318-5445 to register.

Hand-Holding Course: Some people learn better when they have help learning right at a sale.  Attend your first sale with Mr. Tax Lien™ after attending an In-Person Class.  We go together to a sale and Mr. Tax Lien™ is nearby to answer your questions and help you as you purchase your first tax lien(s)!  This is a popular option to help people get past the potentially frightening first purchase experience.  Seats are extremely limited.  There is a maximum of 5 students at any particular tax lien sale to allow Mr. Tax Lien™ to answer individual questions.  Attendance at the associated classroom session is required.  The $1997 price of the Hand-Holding course includes the price of the In-Person Course and access to the Home-Study Course.

Click here to register for the Hand-Holding Course...



or Call Mr. Tax Lien™ at 720-318-5445 to register.

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